Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yea - No drive to Cincinnati

Brenda one of my IVF nurses called today and told me I did not have to come for my appointment if I didn't want to. I guess because my calendar and medication have already been decided unless I had questions I could skip the consultation appointment. YEA! Dr. Thomas did change my medication for the next cycle.

Last cycle I took Bravelle this cycle Dr. Thomas changed it to Menopur. I ask Judy today what the difference was and she said Menopur has two hormones (FSH and LH) and Bravelle only has one (FSH). Looking at a price guide I have from one of the IVF pharmacies it looks like the Menopur is about $12 more a vial and last cycle I took about about 40 vials so it will be a little more expensive.

I got my calendar in the mail today and it looks similar to the last with the exception of the stimulating drug.

Lupron starts 12/19 for about 26 days
Menopur starts 01/03 for about 10 days
HCG shot 01/13
Retrieval 01/15
Transfer 01/18

I will try to upload our calendars tomorrow.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Calendar Dates

I got a call from Judy last week about our 2nd cycle calendars. The calendar looks like this:

Lupron on December 19
stimulating drugs on January3
egg retrieval January 15
transfer January 18

I will update you again after my doctors appointment Wednesday.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Next Doctors Visit

Today I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Thomas for next Wednesday the 14th. This appointment is to discuss the changes we will make to my medication for the next cycle.

After making my appointment I decided to call Judy (our IVF nurse) to find out how we start to get our cycles back in sync. It's a good thing I called today because today would be the last day I could start my birth control pills this month. If I would not have called today I think we would have had to wait until the end of next month before we could even start the birth control pills. Tonight I will start my birth control pills. If I look back at my calendar from the last cycle the time line goes like this ....it's about 40 days from the day I started my BC pills to the egg retrieval. I'm starting to get excited again. This process is like riding on a roller coaster your emotions go from being happy... to sad ... and back to happy again. I just did a little tally to see how many shots I have taken so far and the total to date is ..........82 shots.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

First Cycle Failed

It's official our first cycle failed. Yesterday Jen had to go for blood work to get the official results. Yesterdays results were not a complete shock because we knew the home test results were negative but that didn't make it any easier. Thursday and Friday were very difficult and stressful for both Jen and I but we can't give up. This just assures us we made the right move by choosing the shared risk program where we have up to 6 attempts for the same price. ( 3 fresh cycles and 3 frozen cycles) Jen and Shawn are wonderful and ready for the next round.

Yesterday at about 2:30 I got the call from Dr. Thomas to tell me the pregnancy test was negative. Dr. Thomas said he was very sorry this did not work and we just need to make some changes for the next cycle. We did not have any eggs to freeze from this last cycle so we will start all over and will have to do the egg retrieval again. Mike and I will have to call Monday to schedule and appointment so we can discuss some dates and what we are going to change with my next cycle. I assume Jen's calendar will stay the same but mine will change. Dr. Thomas said they need to stimulate me better this time so we can get more eggs.

I'm hoping we will be able to get an appointment next week so we can get started right away.

We will update the blog and keep you up to date with our next cycle.