Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dawn's update

Sad news to update you on....my grandma in Florida passed away on Sunday. Most of you know she has been struggling with cancer for quite some time. As sad as it is and as much as we will miss her we know she is at peace now and is in a much better place.

On a happier note: Today is Mike's Birthday. Happy Birthday Honey!

December is always a little stressful with all the holiday running around, shopping, wrapping, and all the places to go and people to see and if that's not enough we are starting injections. Jen will start hers today and I will start mine tomorrow. The good thing about it is we are only taking one injection and it's the easier of the three.

I have taken a picture of my new meds and will upload it soon. I have to run I have lots to do. I'm making a picture board for my grandmas viewing and funeral.....wrapping.....cleaning house for out of town guest....and the list goes on and on..........until next time

I decided to clean house later and finish my blog instead. You can click the image to enlarge it.

We hope you have a great holiday season spent with family and friends.

Cycle Two Calendars- Meds start Dec 18

The items above are Jen's calendars for cycle two....just click on them to enlarge them for viewing
Just below and to the right is Jen's patch calendar...just click on it to enlarge for viewing

The final calendar is Dawn's.....Just click on the calendar to enlarge for viewing

Sorry these are in such a crazy order I was struggling trying to get them where I wanted them.