Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nothing to freeze "again"

Today I got the news..... none of the remaining 6 embryos made it to the blast stage. I was not getting my hopes up because I know the odds were not very good. I don't know the exact percent that make it to the next stage but I thought we might have at least one that might make it. Yes, it's disappointing but what can I do.

I'm going to do some research and try to get a little more information about the blast stage. I am curious to find out the percentage that actually make it to the blast stage. I will post the information I find.

This has really been a learning experience for a lot of us.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Transfer Day "another empty dish"

Transfer day activities actually started yesterday with Jen dropping the kids off at Cheryl's. We had such an early start this morning that Cheryl kept the kids overnight so Jen and Shawn did not have to get them up. Thank You Cheryl!

This morning started off with our regular stop at Tim Horton's at 6 am. It was a quiet ride for me and Jen as we were still half asleep but Mike and Shawn I don't think stopped for a breath.

We arrived at about 8:10 or so at Christ Hospital. Jen had to drink her water and take her Valium. We all changed into our scrubs then headed to the procedure room. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Chris came in did the transfer..... we had to wait about half and hour then were ready to go. We really love all the doctors and nurses they are great (Teri was our nurse today).

Embryos are graded on a scale of 1 to 5 ...1 being the best. The embryologists Steve graded our embryos that were transferred today as a grade 1 and 2. The grade of the embryos this transfer were a lot better than the last.....I believe the last transfer we had a 3 and 4.

I have created a collage with the pictures from today. You can click on each picture to enlarge them. The pictures you will see are.....

Steve our embryologist in the lab
Dr. Thomas and Dr. Chris
Teri our nurse holding the catheter with the embryos loaded and ready for transfer
The empty dish
A picture of the actual embryos transferred

I have a better feeling about the quality of the embryos transferred today and maybe that will be the difference we need to make this work.

Thank you again to Jen and Shawn without them this would not be possible.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Egg results

Yesterday there were 13 or 14 eggs retrieved and here are the results:

Good eggs - 8
Not fertilized - 1
Abnormal fertilization- 2 or 3
Immature eggs - 2

We are scheduled for a Saturday transfer date. The egg quality will be graded on Saturday morning and they will transfer the best two. There is still one more hurtle we have to get through before we know if we have any to freeze. The eggs have to get to the next stage before freezing.

Today I started to weigh myself to watch for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). I had my favorite meal tonight (Chipotle) so I very well could gain several pounds before morning. LOL

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Retrieval day

This is a picture of me and Judy (my favorite nurse) before the procedure today.
Things went well today and again I don't remember much. They got 13 eggs today. Tomorrow we will know how many were fertilized and good eggs.
For the next few days I have to weigh myself because they are worried about the Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). If I have weight gain of 3 pounds in a 24 hour period I have to call the office.
Today all I have done is sleep and I'm about ready to go back to bed. I will post again tomorrow to update you on the fertilization numbers.
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Thanks Mom for the chicken pot pie for dinner tonight.

Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a go......HCG tonight

Today we had an appointment for more blood work and an ultrasound. My blood work on Sunday never made it to the lab so I don't know what Sunday's estradiol numbers were. Today my estradiol was at 3,737 which is really close to the 4,000 figure where you start to worry about the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). That makes me a little nervous but I'm in good hands. I looked back at the last cycle and my estradiol was only 751 the day before the HCG shot so the new medication really increased the estradiol levels this cycle.

There were 6 follicles that were ready today. The other day they were measuring a lot more follicles so I don't know if between now and then any more will be ready. (They have to be a certain size not too little and not too big)

Tonight I will take the HCG shot at 11:00. I have to dilute the HCG a little different this time. I have to thank Cheryl for letting me come over at 11:oo for my injection. This injection is an IM which has to be given in the hip and has a big needle. Mike does a great job giving me my three injections nightly but he has never been trained on IM injections. Cheryl is so good you don't even feel the injection.

My retrieval will be Wednesday so the transfer will be Saturday. Jen now has to start her IM injections. I hope they are not too terribly bad. Jen is a trooper!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday January 13th- Go Dallas!

It's half time in the Dallas game so I can post my update.
Jamie and James in their ROMO jerseys.

Jen went down with us today for an ultrasound and all is good with her.

I had an ultrasound and blood work done today. My ultrasound looks good there were about 20 or so follicles they measured today. I'm still not quite ready for my HCG shot so we will continue 3 vials tonight and travel to Cincinnati again tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and probably more blood work. Speaking of blood work the nurse today was really good and got my blood on the first try but the lab lost it or it never made it to the lab. I was very anxious to get the results from the blood work because my estradiol levels this cycle are a lot higher.

My egg retrieval day will change now and I'm hoping it will be Wednesday so we can do the transfer on Saturday. I will know better after tomorrows visit and will update the blog tomorrow night.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday January 11 Appointment

Today Mike and I headed to Cincinnati for blood work and an ultrasound. It was another early start because our appointment was at 9:00 which means with traffic we leave at 6:45. You never know how bad traffic will be until you are there.

Estradiol levels today are up they are now 1513 from 716 on Wednesday. I think this level is higher than it was at the end of my last cycle. I am reducing the number of vials for my injection to 3 from 4 for the next two days. We will travel to Cincinnati again on Sunday for blood work and an ultrasound.

Ultrasound results....there were a lot more measurements today which I think is a good thing. It seemed like there were 6 or 7 that they measured around 10 and 4 or 5 more that measured around 8 and 9. I don't really know what they should be at this point but I think they want to try to get as many as possible. I think my retrieval date is going to be pushed back. Brenda said she ask the doctor if I would be taking my HCG injection on Sunday and they said no. The doctor said I am not ready yet. I know it's not because of my estradiol levels so it has to be the size of the follicles.

Because I'm not ready for my retrieval this is throwing off Jen's schedule too. Jen will travel with us Sunday for an ultrasound and hope it's not too early so she will not have to make a second trip. I really hate not being able to give Jen more advance notice for her appointments but we don't know until we get the results of my blood work and ultrasounds. I seem to be messing up our schedule this cycle.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday's Road Trip With Mom

Today Mom went to Cincinnati with me. We had to leave my house at 6:45 to make the 9:00 appointment. Today's appointment was with Dr. Williams and I had an ultrasound and blood work done. I was looking forward to seeing Judy (IVF nurse) today. We just love Judy she is such a nice person and I was especially excited to see here today because I knew she would get my blood the first try. We are really pleased with all the doctors and nurses at the office...they are all so nice and have been great.

The results are estradiol levels are at 716 today which Judy said was good. I will continue to mix 4 vials for my injection. It appears that this estradiol level is higher than last cycles. The last cycle my ultra sounds were every two days and this test had 3 days of meds so I expected it to be a little higher than last cycle. Last cycle my estradiol number was 43o I think.

I'm not sure about the exact numbers for the ultrasound but I think there were 6 follicles they measured today. Judy said there were a few more they would watch to see if they would catch up to the others. I did have one follicle that was measuring a lot larger than the rest. Dr. Williams said they would not be able to use this follicle because it would be too large.

Mike and I will travel to Cincinnati Friday again. I'm sure we will have an appointment Saturday or Sunday maybe even both days this weekend. My retrieval date is set for Tuesday the 15th. Jen will travel with us one day this weekend for an ultrasound. (we are hoping for Sunday)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday trip to Cincinnati

Yes, today's visit required more blood work. Yes, it was just as difficult as the last appointment and I even drank my water before. Dr. Boyle and Dr. Williams both had a go at me today. We finally got it from the other wrist. It was not too bad they used a really small butterfly. Now I have two bruised wrists.

Dr. Boyle just called with the results of the blood work. My estradiol was exactly where it needed to be 154. I looked back at my old blog postings and the results for this test last cycle were 96.2.

I will continue to mix 4 bottles of medication each night and then return to Cincinnati on Wednesday for more blood work and an ultrasound.

Pictures from the first cycle

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Doctor's Appointment - Cycle Two

The holiday are over now it's time to catch up on rest. The holidays are great but they always wear me out. We have been taking our injections since Dec 18 and things have went well so far. Mike and I have both been sick. I am feeling much better now mine only lasted a few days but Mike is still sick and finally decided to see the doctor today.

Prior to the start of the stimulating drugs an ultrasound and blood work have to be done. I start my drugs tonight so I headed to Cincinnati today for my appointment. The first task of the day a simple blood draw had me sweating and feeling light headed. They tried and tried to find my veins but they were just not there. The nurse tried twice in my arm then called for the doctor because she did not want to stick me again. The doc looked and looked and could not find any veins either. Doc Williams tried to get blood from the back side of my wrist but did not get enough to run the test. By this point I feel sweat start to bead up on my forehead and a slight light headed feeling. The nurse ask if I needed a cold wash cloth to put on my forehead. Oh my that would have been great if I would have passed out. They decided to move on to the second task of the day...the ultrasound. The ultrasound went just fine no problems. Each ovary had 8 follicles. There was a lab in the medical building so after my ultrasound they sent me down to try one more time to find a vein. Task completed she found my vein and got the needed blood.

Judy was in my voicemail at work and said suppression has occurred so it's OK to start my other injection tonight. My estradiol level was less than 32. I had 4 vials of the old medication so I will mix 3 vials of the new medication Menopur with 1 vial of the old medication Bravelle for the next three nights. I will return to Cincinnati on Sunday for another blood draw. This time I will drink lots of fluid on the way.