Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Upcoming Doctor Visit

We have an appointment scheduled Monday for an ultrasound and a visit with Dr. Jones.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

On Pins and Needles- Twice in three days

We have had a very stressful and very scary few days.


Jen had a very bad day and was very nauseated and could not hold down any food or liquid. It was around 3:00 when I got a call from Jen asking if I could come and get her to take her to the ER. Since Jen was not able to hold down any fluids Dr. Jones wanted her to visit the ER to receive a few bags of fluid. We arrived at the new Dublin Hospital around 4:30 and left at 8:45 after two bags of fluid and some nausea medication. I can tell you after Jen received the fluid and nausea medication she looked and felt a lot better.


Jen had a home health care service come to give her a medication pump that would give her a continuous flow of nausea medication. She puts a catheter in her leg and the medication flows through that. Jen did get a surprise when the home health care service told her she would have to receive IV fluids for the next three days while at home. I know this was a real hassle for her because she had to carry around an IV pole everywhere she went in the house.


Saturday morning around 9 Jen called to tell me she had started bleeding and we needed to head to the labor and delivery. I think my heart just stopped. Mike was out of town so I was here by myself which made the situation that much worse. Dr. Sacolick was on call Saturday and he was really great. The first thing Dr. Sacolick did was an ultrasound to see if the babies were ok. We still had two babies and two heartbeats. There are so many things that could cause bleeding in a pregnancy and we don’t know why Jen was bleeding. Dr. Thomas in Cincinnati ordered a progesterone test be done to check her hormone levels and told her she needed to go back to her progesterone injections. We have to wait until Monday to find out the results of this test. After the ultrasound and blood work we were able to leave. Jen had to take it easy and rest on her left side. We will repeat the ultrasound in about 10 days to see if the babies are still there and OK. I don't think I will be about to think about anything other than this upcoming ultrasound.

This has been a very emotional and crazy weekend for everyone involved. I feel really bad that Jen had to miss out on so many things this weekend. Laurens birthday is Wednesday and Jen had tickets to take her to Disney on Ice Saturday with Sarah and Cheryl which she did not get to attend. Lauren still got to go to Disney on Ice and I filled in for Jen to help Cheryl with the girls. Jen also had to cancel Laurens birthday party that was scheduled for Sunday. Jen is an angel and I can’t tell her enough how much Mike and I appreciate all the sacrfices she has made to help us achieve our dream of having a child.

Please keep Jen and the babies in your prayers.

Special thanks to family and friends….

Cheryl – Cheryl went to Jen’s to watch the kids Saturday and let Lauren stay all night Saturday then took her to build a bear today since her party had to be canceled

Shawn- Shawn has done so much to help Jen with the kids, the house and anything that might come up along the way.

Mom and Dad- Thanks for being there for me on Saturday and taking me to the hospital.

Shawn’s Mom- Thank you for watching the kids until Cheryl could get there to take over.

Heidi- Thanks for hanging out with me and thanks for all the math help while counting and dividing up cookies.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Two Heartbeats (Baby A and Baby B)

Yes, we are having twins. The babies have their own sac so both embryos we transferred attached. It would really be neat if we have one boy and one girl. Today was a very emotional day! We got to see and hear two heartbeats today. I don’t remember which baby was which but one heartbeat was 160 and the other was 136. Everything looks great and we have a projected due date of 10-10. We all knew there was a possibility there could be more than one but when you hear it for the first time it’s kind of shocking.

Jen has not been feeling well the last few days and I’m hoping she will be feeling better soon. She has been really nauseous for the last few weeks. I feel really bad that she has been so sick. Jen is a angel and without her none of this would have been possible. I have to thank both her and Shawn. I know Shawn has had a busy weekend taking care of Jen and the kids. Thanks for being a wonderful husband Shawn.
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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rising Numbers

Jen had a blood test today to make sure her levels were rising as they should. The first blood test which was done last Friday showed a level of 838 so today we wanted to see at least 6704. Good news the number today was 6741.

I looked back at the numbers from when I was pregnant... my first blood test showed 176 and the last time they checked the level was 2030. I don't know if the timing could have anything to do with it but Jen's numbers are a lot higher. Jen tested two weeks after the transfer and I tested about 17 days after insemination. (I think)

We have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday February 18th. I'm sure everyone will be checking the blog this day because the popular question seems to be...."Are there multiples?" I hope we will be able to answer this question after the ultrasound. I don't care if there is one or two as long as he/she/they are healthy.

I think for the most part Jen has been feeling OK. I know she has been really tired. I hope things continue to go well and Jen continues to feel OK.

Friday, February 1, 2008


We are so excited ! This has been the longest week. We have known since Monday that the home pregnancy test Jen took was positive. We wanted to make sure the results from today's blood test were good before we announced it to everyone.

Words can not describe the joy we are feeling right now. This is going to be the longest nine months and I don't think we will stop worrying until the nine months are up. The first trimester you always worry but I will continue to worry because I was in my second when we lost our little guy.

Today's blood test needed to show a beta number of 100 or greater. Jen's level today was 838 0r 868. Judy told me we could not tell if there are multiples until the ultrasound because they have seen numbers be as high as 1,000 and it be a single birth and numbers be as low as 600 and it be a multiple birth.

Jen has been such a trooper with all the shots and I know she is glad to get off them. Jen will continue to use the estrogen patches and progesterone until she is about 10-13 weeks pregnant. The hormones will support the pregnancy until the placenta begins to produce them some time around 10-13 weeks.

There will be another blood test done next week to check the levels again. Judy said we can expect the number to double every two days so next weeks number should be really high. If all goes well with next weeks blood test we will schedule an ultrasound about two weeks later. At the time of the ultrasound Jen will be about 7 weeks and hopefully we will be able to see and hear a heartbeat or heartbeat(s).

I just want to thank Jen and Shawn again for this wonderful gift they have given us. I also want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

Happy Birthday Shawn! This cycle was really strange.....we started our drugs on Mike's birthday and we end the cycle with today's good news on Shawn's birthday. We thought the dates might bring us luck and it looks like it did.