Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Ultrasound Pictures Today

Sorry there are no ultrasound pictures to post today. We cancelled the appointment yesterday. The purpose of this test was to check for downs and some other problem because I am advanced maternal age. The last time we had this test done things were fine and we really had no genetic problems to worry about. The cost of this test was outrageous and we decided the results of this test would not change anything with the pregnancy so we opted to not have the test done. Melissa told us if we were going to make a decision about the pregnancy based on this test then have the test if not it was not necessary.

We will still have the AFP test done around 16 weeks and a level two ultrasound because it’s a twin pregnancy. The only thing bad about the AFP test is the high rate of false positive. My friend at work had her AFP test results come back positive and worried the entire time but had a healthy baby.

Sorry I did not update yesterday I was down with a migraine.


Cat0962 said...

Dawn, sorry to hear you had another migrane. I hope you're feeling better today.

You know, too many people have been praying for these babies for them to be anything but healthy!

Cat0962 said...

One more thing---I really, really felt old when I read that you are "advanced maternal age"! That was worse than finding my first gray hair.