Sunday, September 28, 2008

A night out and more Maddie and Drew photos

Our family always celebrates birthdays with a birthday dinner and each year I usually choose to go to The Japanese Steakhouse so that’s what we did last night. If you are even asking yourself “Did Maddie and Drew go?” The answer is NO! Aunt Bobbi came over to watch Maddie and Drew while we went to dinner. Thanks Bobbi! We are in no way ready to take these two precious babies out to dinner anywhere. We have only been out to the doctor twice and to Grandmas.

Maddie and Drew are doing well except for the 12AM-4AM shift. For some reason Madison wants give Mommy and Daddy a hard time during this time frame. I’m not sure why she does it because we have tried everything. Finally last night we let her sleep in her bouncy seat because that’s what she sleeps in while downstairs and that seemed to work a little better. Drew seems to lose his binky a lot during the night and requires assistance finding and replacing it. Both have no problem eating they eat every three hours and are up to 3 ½ ounces now. They both are constantly working on their neck strength because when we stop feeding them to burp they are lifting their head and moving it side to side trying to find the bottle to get more. I’m really surprised how much they are lifting their heads up. Bath time is not their favorite time but they will tolerate it. I can’t wait until they really start to respond to us.

Ok until next time enjoy the photos.

My brother and his family

Mike and I

Mom and Dad

Sarah using her chopsticks

James using his "eating sticks"

Maddie and Drew

Maddie at bath time

Drew at bath time

Drew in his boppy

Maddie in her boppy

Drew with the bunny Sarah gave him

Maddie and Drew in their stroller

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick Update

I just wanted to give you a real quick update about our doctors' appointment on Monday. Mike went back to work Monday and was meeting me at the doctors' office so Heidi came over to help me get Maddie and Drew off to the appointment.

Maddie weighed in at 6.5
Drew weighed in at 6.4

Dr. Dickson said they looked good and he did not need to see them again until they are two months old. Below are some really cute pictures we took of them while they were laying on the exam table in their diaper. I have bills to pay and I’m tired so that’s all for now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Where do I begin????????? I'm home YEAH!!!
I guess the best way to share my experience is to start with the induction day.

Dawn, Mike, Shawn and I meet at the hospital at 7:oo a.m. on September 8th. The reason for induction was because I developed Preeclampsia. They checked to see if I was dilated to determine what kind of induction they were going to use. I was 3 centimeters and 70% which I thought great, because that's what I was with my pregnancies. I felt comfortable with the induction because I knew what to expect. They started patossin around 9 a.m. and contractions were picking up. I had my epidural before I was in pain. Things were just moving on beautifully until my blood pressure started creeping up. So they gave me magnesium to prevent seizers. It made me feel like I had the flu and was extremely hot.
Over the next 8 hours, we were at 9 centimeters. It was time to head to the OR (Operating Room) for delivery. There were so many people in the room. I remember pushing Maddie out and then there was Drew.That little guy didn't want to come out. The Doctor worked very hard while they were watching with an ultrasound the whole time. I just kept saying I don't want a c-section and pushing when he told me to. Drew's feet were the only thing the Doctor could grab so with a lot of work that's the way he came out. I started feeling different at this point.

So we head back to the room were we started and I guess that's were things got a little crazy. I was hemorrhaging. They couldn't get the bleeding to stop and my blood pressure went down to 70/30. I remember getting sick right before that. Shawn tells me that a rush of Doctors and nurses came in and stared working on me. He was very scared. Meanwhile they had done some blood work to check my hemoglobin levels, Kidney and liver which was part of the HELLP syndrome. My Kidney and liver levels were a little wacky the hemoglobin levels were below 6 and normal is between 11.2 and 15 So here comes the first out of three blood transfusions. I had a total of 6 units of blood given to me. Thank you who ever donated it! It's now Tuesday and I was still bleeding. They did a cat scan to find out where it was coming from and to rule out a hysterectomy. All was good with the results and things started to slow down. I was still pretty out of it. They were concerned about my kidneys and my potassium levels. Your potassium effects your heart. So I was hooked up to a EKG and sent to another floor where they monitored me. I was only there for one night then sent back down to postpartum for more blood. Each morning and night they drew blood to check all the levels. It always went up and down but after 5 days in the hospital I really wanted to come home. My hemoglobin was 7.2 when I was discharged.

I go back to the Doctor next Monday for lab work. For now I am taking iron to help build my red blood cells. Being anemic feels like you are drained all the time and you get really cold. I can say that each day I feel better.

Today we went over to see the babies which was really nice. They are so cute! As far as emotions go, I'm doing great! !!!!!!!! I loved seeing Dawn and Mike with their babies it made me feel good to see how happy they are. I'll probably post next week after my blood work appt.
I want to thank the medical staff at OSU in particular Dr. Colombo for everything they did for me. Without their help I may not have been here to tell this story.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Maddie and Drew settling in

I think Maddie and Drew are staring to get settled into their new environment. Mike and I are also starting to adjust. We are a little sleep deprived but we have come to realize that’s just the way it’s going to be. I think today will be the first day we have not had My Mom or Mikes Mom over to help us. It has been really nice having them come over and help out. I don’t know what we would have done without them. Things are going to get really interesting next week because Mike is going back to work. Today has been a really good day and Mike is actually on the golf course right now.

I just love being a Mommy and Mike love being a Daddy. We just love them they are so darn cute! Mike has done a great job with them the last two weeks. I just love listening to all the little noises they make that is unless its 3 AM. I am starting to relax a little more and not jump up with every little noise they make. We tried to take a short stroller ride Wednesday and Madison was not going to cooperate. We were able to get them in the stroller and take a short walk yesterday.

I have to tell you the bottles are 24 hr 7 day a week job. WOW! I purchased the large powder formula container on Monday and it might last me through Sunday. At this point they are only taking 2 ounces so I hate to see formula cost as they increase the amount they are taking.

Maddie and Drew have a doctor appointment on Monday so I will try to update you then.

Enjoy the pictures got to go Maddie and Drew are waking up and are going to be very hungry.

Brother and Sister Can you find Maddie and Drew? Andrew's first bath at home Madison's first bath at home My Mom and Dad with Drew (Dad is trying to make a B so you know Mom was holding Drew) Mike and his Mom

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jen comes home and Maddie and Drew have a doctor appointment

Great news Jen got to come home yesterday! Jen is now at home but still needs her rest to get her strength back. Of all the things we have been through with this pregnancy the most unbelievable thing is that Jen suffered from Preeclampsia and part of the HELLP syndrome that I had. Jen and Shawn have been through so much and I feel so bad about that.

Maddie and Drew had their first doctors appointment yesterday. Everything seems good and we go back on the 22nd for their two week appointment.

It has been very challenging to say the least the last two nights. I have called in the reinforcements to help out. I think the first night we may have got 2 hours of sleep and last night was even less. I think Maddie and Drew might have their days and nights mixed up. Mom, Gayla and Bobbi have come over to watch Maddie and Drew so Mike and I could get a nap for a few hours. One good thing is I have may volunteers to help out.

I’m able to write this post because Mike and Bobbi have the babies now. I will try to update you with more pictures and updates when I get a chance because I know everyone loves reading the blog.

Maddie coming home

Drew coming home

Maddie and Drew first night

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Newborn Hospital Pictures

Maddie and Drew are coming home tomorrow and I can't wait. Jen continues to improve and is doing much better today. You will need this password to view the hospital pictures and the password is case sensitive.

Click on the the newborn hospital pictures tile above- Choose Mother Dawn S
Password - Y4S9D7A3X7 then enter SHAF for the last name

Andrew will come up first and then above the picture there is a place you can change the view to select Madison.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Pictures

We continue to wish Jen a speedy recovery and hope she starts feeling better tomorrow.



Mommy with her two bundles of Joy

Our new family

Thank you Jen and Shawn It’s because of you we are announcing Madison and Andrew

The day has finally arrived……..Announcing Madison and Andrew Shafer

5:17 pm
6lbs 6 oz
19.5 inches

5:28 pm
5lbs 14 oz
19.5 inches

We finally have our bundle of joy(s) and could not have done it without Jen and Shawn. We want to thank Jennifer and Shawn for this wonderful gift they have given us.

Today was a very long day for everyone. I want to respect Jen’s privacy so I am going to hold off on all the details until I am able to clear things with her. She does have some challenges in her recovery tonight but Doc tells us she will do just fine and should feel better tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers. I will tell you she did a wonderful job today and was very good at pushing.

Mike and I got to watch the delivery from an observation room in the OR and childbirth is an amazing thing. All twin deliveries are done in the OR just in case they have to do a c-section. I can report there were no c-sections involved in today’s delivery.

Madison and Andrew are doing really well and have been sent to the regular nursery. (No NICU)

Daddy and Maddie

Madison Eyes Wide Open

Maddie First Bath

Drew First Bath

Drew First Bottle

Maddie First Bottle

Mommy and Daddy with Maddie and Drew



Friday, September 5, 2008

Babies will be here Monday

Jen is home now but will be right back on Monday for a scheduled c-section or induction. She still has not decided which way she wants to deliver yet. I don’t think her levels were too bad but they were a little out of balance so doc decided to go ahead and deliver the babies.

It’s hard to believe it’s here already and I can’t wait. I’m going to sleep in every day this weekend and Mike is going to golf every day this weekend. I pretty much have everything ready except the bottles which I will get done this weekend.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for Monday. I hope everything goes well at the hospital because we have a very unique situation that they usually don’t see. My favorite nurse Heidi does not work on Monday so she will not get to be our nurse but she did want me to let her know when we were coming in.

Again we just wanted to thank Jennifer and Shawn because without them this would not have been possible. Shawn you have been a great husband and father during this journey and I know it has been equally difficult for you having to pick up all the at home duties and taking care of the kids. We really appreciate everything the two of you have done for us you are two really special people. You have made it possible for us to have the family we have dreamed about for years.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

OSU here we come again

OK so here we are at week 35 with another visit to OSU. I have a feeling this visit will be the final stop for this journey. Today at our regular doctors visit Jen had elevated blood pressure and traces of protein in her urine. We were sent to OSU for blood pressure monitoring, baby monitoring, blood work and another urine test. The blood pressure decreased and all but one test came back normal which was her kidney function test. Because this kidney function test came back high it required Jen to stay at the hospital overnight for a 24 hour urine collection and more blood work. Doc said if the kidney functions rise the pregnancy will be done sooner than later and he would talk to her about delivery options. I think we could have babies this weekend. I think the babies are pretty safe at this point and I think Jen is in good hands. I finally got to see my favorite nurse Heidi today at OSU. I just love Heidi she is so sweet and I hope she will be around when the babies are born. Well I’m going to bed now I will update you as soon as we find out the results of tomorrows test. Please keep Jen and the babies in your prayers.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Still waiting

Happy Labor Day! (No labor for Jen yet this weekend) I just wanted to let everyone know we are still waiting. Jen has been having some contraction but nothing consistent. The swollen feet and legs are still giving her problems but she is still trying to take her walks. This weekend we put up a ceiling fan in Drew’s room and I am working on painting shelves for their rooms. I will update you as soon as we have news or after the appointment on Thursday. We will be 35 weeks this Friday.