Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Showers

First I want to say thank you to Joe and Sharon Woods for giving us a very nice cherry changing table to use in our living room. Mike and I really appreciate it and will get plenty of use out of it. You can see the changing table below.

Thank you to everyone for the great baby showers. Yes, I did say showers. Sunday we had our baby shower put on by Heidi and Cheryl with the help of Mike’s Mom and My Mom. Today my wonderful accounting department surprised me with a shower. I know everyone worked really hard and the showers turned out great. I got lots of stuff as you can see from the pictures below and my current credit union friends got me the double jogging stroller we wanted. My entire living room floor was covered with gifts. I got all my major stuff like strollers, car seats, monitor, exersaucers, and high chairs. We also received cash gifts and several gift cards that we will have no problem spending.

As you know from Jen’s prior post she was able to attend the shower for a few hours and I’m glad she did not have to miss out on this. I also wanted to thank everyone who helped set up and clean up afterward. I am still going through stuff and boy is there a lot to go through. We have another doctor visit on Thursday so I will update the blog to fill you all in.

Changing Table from the Wood's

My Accounting Department Shower

Accounting Department Shower Cake

Shower Gifts

The shower helpers

Shower cake - click on this picture to enlarge and look at the babies they are made from icing and even have little toes

Me, Heidi, Jen, Cheryl

Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 7 at home on bed rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, Hello.......
Dawn had her baby shower yesterday and I was able to go for a couple of hours as long as I was off my feet and in a reclining position. Staying in a reclining position isn't that comfortable, but I did my best and didn't have any contractions. It was soooooooooooo nice to get out of the house and talk to people.
I wanted to say Thank you so much for all the cards, food, and gifts that we have been receiving. It's very sweet of you. Also Thank you to Cheryl, Dawn, Kelley, Mom, Bonnie, Lindsey, Holly, Alex, Meagan, Sarah and to our nanny Mrs.Nancy (who is starting tomorrow) for watching the kids. Shawn and I really appreciate it.
To all my clients, I miss you and don't worry I'll be back to get you ready for the Holidays!!!!!!!!!
The next day I'm looking forward to is Thursday, that will be my next outing. We have a Doctors appointment and they will measure the babies and check the cervix. I never thought I would say I'm looking forward to going to the Doctor's!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure Dawn soon will post some pictures from the shower.

Until next time Thank you for your continued prayers, Jen

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coming home

Yesterday Jen had the second fetal fibronectin test and the cervix was measured. The fetal fibronectin test was negative and the cervix measured 14. As you can see from the picture above this means Jen is out of the hospital but still on bed rest at home. The instructions for bed rest were not to be on her feet longer than 10 minutes at a time and she has to be lying down or in a reclined position to keep the pressure off the pelvic area. The bed rest will not be fun but I’m sure Jen is thrilled to be able to do it at home with her family instead of in the hospital.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I wanted to post this last night but was way too tired to do it. This post was written yesterday while we were at the hospital. When I say yesterday I mean Thursday and when I say today it was actually Friday.

Today we are at 28 weeks which is our first milestone with twins BUT we are at OSU now checking for preterm labor. I am writing this post from the chair next to Jen’s bed. Yesterday at our regular doctors appointment the cervix went from 25 to 11 which was some cause for concern for Dr. Colombo. We went straight from our doctor’s appointment to labor and delivery at OSU. First on the agenda was to get Jen hooked up to a monitor to watch the heartbeats and her contractions. The monitor showed some contractions and what they called irritability which I don’t think are actual contractions. The next step was a steroid shot to help develop Maddie’s and Drew’s lungs just in case we are in preterm labor. The shot comes in two parts one last night and one 24 hours later. After the steroid shot Jen received an oral medication to stop contractions which caused some problems for her. Jen had a reaction to the medication and had a racing heart, trouble breathing, spinning room, and sweating. We found out later that the racing heart was a side effect of the medication. This all happened while Mike and I had left for a few minutes to get a bite to eat but Shawn was there with her. They had to bring in an EKG machine to check Jen’s heart and then an ultrasound machine to check the babies and both were fine. We did not get any sleep last night between the visits from the nurse, Dr. Colombo and the machines beeping all night so hopefully Jen will get some sleep tonight. The next step was a test which was done at 2:00 today to test for preterm labor. The results are in and the test was positive which means a hospital stay with bed rest at least until Monday and then based on the results of the next test we will see if we have bed rest at home or a hospital stay. A negative test would have told us with 99% accuracy that she was not going to go into labor within the next two weeks. A positive test tells us that there is a 20-30% chance that she may go into labor within the next two weeks. They will repeat the test on Monday and based on the results from that and her contractions over the next few days will determine if she is on bed rest at home or in the hospital.

This pregnancy has been a roller coaster ride from the beginning and this is just another hill and a very big one. I know this is putting emotional, physical and financial stress on everyone involved but we will get through this with help from above and friends/family. I can’t tell you how much it means to Mike and I that everyone has pulled together for us and these two precious babies of ours. This will be a gift that will last a lifetime.

Please keep us all in your prayers!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Paint, Paint, and More Paint

This weekend we are working on getting the nurseries painted. Today we worked all day painting both rooms and still have more to do. Maddie’s room is finished except for the closet and we have the touch up along the blue wall and the closet left in Drew’s room. Next weekend Mike will be installing the closet organizers in both rooms. We have walk in closets in both rooms so we figured we would just get a closet organizer and not spend the money on two dressers. The only furniture I am going to have to buy is a natural color changing table for Madison’s room to match the crib my friend Misti is letting me borrow. Oh I almost forgot I have to get two rockers too. I already had a changing table and crib that I used with Sarah and James which we will use for Drew’s room.

Here are a few pictures of what we have done so far. I will update you and give you more pictures as we get the nurseries done.

Drew's before picture

Drew's almost done picture

Maddie's before picture

Mike working on Maddies room

Maddie's room

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Video Clip

Here is a short 5 second video clip from the 4D ultrasound. Watch her mouth ...it looks like she smiles then opens her mouth.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Andrew Michael - Heart rate- 150 Weight - 2lbs Drew is showing about 4 days ahead of schedule

Madison Marie - Heart rate- 143 Weight- 2lb 6 oz Maddie is showing 11 days ahead of schedule

Picture of Madison with her ankles crossed. Her feet are under the crossed part of the ultrasound and the other end you see her knees.

The babies were very active today which may have had something to do with Jen taking the diabetes test where she was required to drink a sugary liquid. I think they were on a little sugar high because Madison was kicking poor Drew over and over again. It’s really amazing when you see how thin the membrane is that separates them in there. It was so cute to see Madison today because she had the hiccups. Sally our favorite ultrasound tech gave us lots of pictures again.

Today’s appointment brought great news on all levels. Jen’s cervix length did not change over the last two weeks it’s still at 25. The results from the diabetes test were also good and the babies looked great.

We are getting so close and the big day will be here before you know it. Babies R Us is having a sale so I think I am going to purchase Madison’s bedding this weekend. As soon as we get the bedding purchased we are going to head to Sears for some paint. I went to Jo-Ann’s today and purchased paper mache letters that I will paint then hang on the wall with ribbon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Going back in time

I forgot to add this photo to the last batch.

This picture was taken at 24 weeks. Jen and Shawn stopped by to drop off the ultrasound pictures from the doctors appointment we missed. We are missing Lauren from the picture because she was at aunt CC's. (aka Cheryl)