Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Cutest Babies In The World

Here is the link and password to view the Flash pictures we had taken yesterday. I must say they are so darn cute.

Click on the title above "The Cutest Babies In The World" to go to the Flash website then enter the information below:

Enter the last name shafer then click GO
The password is maddiedrew

You will notice changes to the blog as I try to learn how to change things. Mike's friend John is going to help me get it the way I want. I am just playing around now trying to figure things out.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleep Shots & More

Saturday- Maddie and Drew went to my parent’s house to stay all night. Mike was originally going out of town so that’s why they were watching them. Mike ended up not going out of town but they still kept them. I went scrapbooking for the first time since Maddie and Drew arrived. It was a lot of fun and I got their newborn pictures, footprints, hospital bracelets and more scrapbooked. The best part of the evening ….a full night of sleep. Mom and Dad were up at 3:00 am feeding, cleaning up puke and changing clothes while I was sleeping like a baby. Sorry about that Mom and Dad and thanks.

Monday – Maddie and Drew had their two month appointment with Dr. Dickson. They received their two month vaccinations which consisted of 3 injections and an oral dose for the rotavirus. It was so sad to see them cry when they got their shots. I had a tear in my eye. Madison did get medication for her reflux which seems to be helping her.

Maddie- Now 10lbs 12 oz and 22 inches long - Birth weight 6.6 length 19 ½
Drew- Now 10lbs 13 oz and 23 inches long –Birth weight 5.14 length 19 ½

We also separated Maddie and Drew so this was the first night they slept in their own rooms. They had been sleeping in our room… Drew in the bassinette and Maddie in her bouncy seat on the floor by our bed. Dr. Dickson told us to go ahead and keep her in the bouncy seat but put it down inside her crib so she gets use to sleeping in her room and behind the bars. LOL Maddie is sleeping in her bouncy seat because being in an upright position seems to help with her reflux. I asked about buying a reflux wedge for her to sleep on and doc said to just let her sleep in her seat if that is working for her.

Tuesday- Mike woke me up at 4:30 AM and said it has been 6 hours since we fed Maddie and Drew and they were still sleeping. WOW 6 hours of sleep! We had to wake them up to feed them because they were having pictures taken Wednesday and I could not let their feeding schedule get too far off or they would be eating at the same time we had scheduled pictures. We usually only get 4 hours in between feedings so 6 hours was great. Our neighbors across the street have a baby about a month older than Maddie and Drew and they told us….just because they sleep longer one night does not mean it will happen every night after that. They told us they were so excited when Avery slept longer but the nights to follow went back to the old schedule.

Wednesday (Today) - We had pictures taken today at flash. I got up at 8:30 this morning and was on the go until Mike got home at 1:15. Not only did I have to get them ready I had to get myself ready…shower, hair and makeup. I usually don’t even get a shower until late afternoon or sometimes even later than that let alone hair and makeup too. I never imagined pictures could wear you out so much. It was non stop action…first the naked pictures where Maddie and Drew were in a basket with tulle around them. The photographer told us to take off their diapers so we did and well Madison had a little accident and pooped and pee’d on the props. LOL After the little accident we had diapers on and covered them with the tulle. Family pictures were next we all had on jeans and white shirts. At this point we were so hot and tired and Maddie and Drew were starting to get fussy so who knows how they will turn out. After the family pictures we tried to get their Christmas picture taken. Madison had a fancy dress and Drew had a little dress shirt and pants with a sweater vest. Drew even had a little black pair of dress shoes I got from GAP. They both were so cute! They both were in a fussy mood at this point so I don’t know if we even got one good Christmas picture.

I will post the user name and password to view the flash pictures tomorrow. We go to view them tomorrow so I think we will get the password then.

Below are a few recent pictures and a few videos. The last video shows you what it’s like when they both have a melt down. WOW!