Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our First Food

Maddie and Drew are now eating real food…fruit and oatmeal cereal. We are trying to get them a little fiber because the medication they are on for their reflux can cause constipation. I have to tell you the very first video we took of them was much different than the one below. The first video they screamed the entire time we tried to feed them. I have not figured out how to get these off my video camera yet. (It’s new)

Drew got up this morning with his right eye glued shut with green gunk. (See picture below..poor baby) I had to take him to the doctor this afternoon…..the result pink eye. They have not been out of the house except to the doctor last week. I don’t know anything about pink eye or if it could take that long for them to get it if they could have picked it up while at our visit last week. I now have to put drops in his eye three times a day. Drew continues to have problems with his reflux and just screams and screams at times.

Maddie is doing well. I’m sure she will have pink eye soon. They told me not to even let them lay on the same blanket. We had them playing together a lot yesterday so I’m sure she will end up with it. Oh well what can you do? I’m sure Mike, Mom and I will all have it because we have all had to walk the floor with him and have had him right in our face. When he gets his reflux fits the only thing you can even do to try to calm him is to walk the floor with him.

Our first real food
Yum Yum Drew

I'm full and a mess

I don't like this I really have to eat it?

Our little Chick Magnet Drew

It's been a hard day....wish I could do this too!

Maddie having a bad hair day....this is what happens when you don't use a dryer sheet

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poll Results

Pictures first then my story below.

Drew sitting in his big boy chair
Maddie and her cute smile

Drew getting some exercise

Maddie getting her exercise

I've had enough

Your taking my picture

Drew getting ready to laugh

Maddie and her butterfly

If you voted 14 lbs for both Madison and Andrew you are a winner. (Sorry no prize to award just a congrats)

Andrew weighed in at a whopping 14.4 which is in the 45% and Maddie was not far behind at 14.2 which is in the 70% for her.

Andrew's length was 251/2 which is in the 75% and Maddie was at 24 3/4 which was in the 75% for her too.
Our appointment was at 10:40 and it was after 11:00 by the time we got called back to a room. Maddie and Drew were due to eat at 11:00 so Drew had a bottle while we waited. Our little boy is like an alarm clock during the day he needs his bottle every 4 hours. Maddie was able to wait until we got home at 12:30 to have her lunch.

Today we talked about trying to wean them off the Zantac for their acid reflux. Madison will be a little easier than Drew because she seems to have fewer problems. We also discussed their food and feeding advice. We are going to start them on some oatmeal cereal at night before bed and some stage 2 fruits in the mornings. A normal schedule according to the paperwork we got at our appointment today would be to introduce cereal between 4-6 months and then around 6 months vegetables would be offered. We are not the norm and we know that! We are giving them the oatmeal cereal and fruit because the medication (Zantac) causes constipation and this will give them a little fiber to keep them regular. We had been giving them pear juice for the constipation but it seems to make the acid reflux flair up. Mom called me at work one day and said I am not giving them juice anymore and all I could hear was Drew screaming in the background. We also talked about teething because Drew has become a slobbery mess. The poor boy drools but there is no sign of teeth yet. About 6 months is when you can expect to see teeth but I had my first tooth at 4 months so we will see if Drew gets his early. The doc said not to use the orajel because it can get to the back of their throat. He told us to dip our finger in whiskey and rub it on the gums this will numb the gums without anything getting to their throat.

After the discussions with the doctor the nurse came in for their immunizations ..2 shots and one oral. They do not like this part of the visit at all. I was wondering when Drew as going to take a breath he was so mad! If you find typo's or spelling errors sorry I usually write my post in Word then paste it but I forgot to this time.

Tomorrow we will start the cereal so I will try to get some pictures and maybe a short video. Thanks for taking the time to keep up with Maddie and Drew by reading our blog. I know my post are not quite as frequent but I think you all understand why. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blog Facelift

See Below pictures for posting....

Notice the blog got a facelift today with the help of

You can now become a follower of the blog and take my polls. As I learn new things you may continue to see changes to the blog. This is kind of fun learning all this new stuff. The website above is great!

Maddie and Drew have a doctors appointment on the 13th so take our poll on the side to guess their weight. FYI look at the new photos before guessing their weight if you have not seen them latley. Drew rolled over today while playing on the floor. It seems that Maddie is just a little behind Drew on things so she should be rolling over soon.
Sorry for any typo's I had Drew on my lap while typing.