Friday, February 13, 2009

Drew's eyes are infection free

The first round of eye drops for Drew did not clear up his eye infection. The second round of medication was an ointment that we had to get in Drew’s eye twice a day for a week. Let me tell you how hard it is to hold down a 5 month old and pull his eyelid down to rub an ointment on it. We finally found out towards the end of the week that if we put it on while he was taking his bottle it went much smoother. After a week of ointment Drew’s eye infection is now gone and I hope he does not get another one anytime soon. Drew is finally starting to get some hair and it seems to be coming in blonde. Drew is a real challenge now during feeding time. Let’s just say Drew does not like having to burp….he screams the entire time you are trying to burp him.

Maddie is doing well. We are currently working on reducing Maddie’s reflux medication and I hope she will be off of it totally in a few weeks. Maddie’s hair seems to be coming in much lighter and seem to be more blonde than red now. Maddie is always smiling and seems to be a much happier baby now that she has no more colic and reflux.

I don’t know why but both Maddie and Drew are having napping issues. The longest nap we can get out of either one of them is about a half hour. They both get so tired during the day but will not sleep. It does not matter where they are upstairs in their bed or in the living on the floor there are no naps happening. The other day they both were so tired that they feel asleep in their highchair and took about an hour nap in the highchair. Maddie and Drew have now moved up to the 9 month size. Drew was in them first becuase he is so long but now they are both wearing 9 months. Thanks to Courtney, Misti, and Jen I have not had to buy many outfits because they have given me so many.

I am addicted to Craigslist now because I loving finding deals. My latest deal is the new rainforest jumperoo you see Maddie and Drew in below. I have got a changing table, two glider rockers, a jumperoo and an exersaucer. It's so funny the last two people I have purchased things from both had twins too. The last lady I talked to told me it's so much easier at the age mine are at now then the age hers were at which was 2 1/2.

And of course more pictures…..

Is her hair grey yet?

Who's sleeping here?

Drew in his new jumperoo

Maddie in the new jumperoo

Maddie at dinner time

Drew at dinner time

You want to take a picture of me in my big boy seat?


Drew's funny picture

Maddie and Drew on their playmat