Sunday, March 15, 2009

6 Month Check Up

Friday Maddie and Drew had their 6 month check up and things are going good. Maddie had a really hard time recovering from her shots. Drew got a little upset when Dr. Dickson looked in his ears. They are now starting some they will now have fruit with their morning bottle ....vegies with their afternoon bottle.....cereal with their evening bottle.

We had Josie come to the house to take pictures Saturday. We had to end the session sooner than we expected....Maddie was not having anymore pictures taken. We got some pictures of them in their 1st outfit and then changed to the naked pictures in the bathtub and that's all we got done. It's a good thing we had Josie do them because she offered to come back another day and try again. We are going to give it another shot this Friday so I will get you the link to the photos as soon as I get it.

Here are the results:


Weight - 16.9 - 60th percentile
Length - 26 3/4 - 90th percentile
Head - 17 7/8 - 100th percentile


Weight - 17.5 - 50th percentile
Length - 27 1/4 - 75th percentile
Head- 17 1/2 - 75th percentile

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy 6 Month Birthday Maddie and Drew

Today Maddie and Drew are six months old. WOW does time go fast!

This weekend we finally got to get together with Jen and Shawn for dinner. We went to Ann & Tonys in West Jeff because Shawn loves the chicken parm. We enjoyed the dinner and the company. Mom and Dad had the job of getting Maddie and Drew their bottle, cereal, and to bed. They did a great job Maddie and Drew were asleep in bed when we got home.

Maddie and Drew have their 6 month check up on Friday so I will update you with the weights and all that good stuff. I think Drew might be teething he is always chewing on his finger and drooling. Maddie is rolling around and trying to get her legs going when on her belly. Drew does not like his belly at all and has no desire to roll around yet. He was first to roll over but Maddie seems to be ahead of him now.

Drew fell asleep tonight after his bottle but before his cereal

Maddie in her new (size 12 months) big girl PJ's

Drew in his new (size 12 month) big boy PJ's

Our Bumbo chairs

I'm a cool dude

WOW what a day

Look Mom I can read

Me too Maddie


Mr. Drew

Miss Maddie

Holding hands