Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day and More

OK I’ll admit I’m just a little behind. Father’s day was good Mike went golfing with my brother and Dad then back here for a cookout. Maddie and Drew got Daddy a picture book with pictures of them of course for Father’s day. He also got a Black & Decker cordless battery powered trimmer/edger. Maddie has been doing the Army crawl for a while now but on Father’s Day she actually got up on her hands and knees and crawled.

We went to Jen and Shawn’s Saturday for a cookout and Maddie really liked Cole (the black lab). It’s funny because twice that day she was around dogs and both times she went crazy over them. Everyone says you need to get a dog……my reply are you crazy. I want to take them to the Zoo and see if they are interested in seeing the animals yet.

Maddie finally has a second tooth breaking through her bottom gum. I have not checked Drew lately but at last count he had 6 teeth. Maddie is starting to pull herself up on things now. Maddie is way ahead of Drew on the bruise count now that she is falling all the time and she’s a lot higher now. I think Drew wants to crawl now that he see’s what Maddie is able to do.

Mike and I went to Japanese Steakhouse Friday all by ourselves. Mom and Dad came over and got Maddie and Drew their dinner and put them to bed so we could go to dinner. It was so nice to get to eat dinner #1 in peace and quite #2 not at 9:00 at night # 3 I did not have to fix it (oh ok I usually don’t cook anyway). Thanks Mom and Dad!

Maddie and Drew went to the big pool for the first time today. Bobbi met us at the pool and helped with Maddie and Drew. (Thanks Bobbi) I think they both liked to big pool better than the baby pool. Oh and Drew spit up in the baby pool. Yuck! Who knows what else was in that water. :)

Today Maddie and Drew attended Sarah’s 8th birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! Sarah and I are going to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and making a stop at Barnes & Noble for some new books some time next week hopefully.

Maddie and Drew with Daddy

Maddie likes to empty the basket

Drew relaxing on the patio

Drew with powder all over his neck just after bath time

Maddie crawling on Father's Day Drew playing some music

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

9 Month Appointment

9 Month Appointment


Weight 19lb 14 oz - 60th %
Height 28 ¼ - 75th %
Head 18 ¾


Weight 22lbs 4 oz – 80th%
Height 29 ½ - 90th %
Head 18 ¼ 80th %

Today’s appointment went good. There were no shots today but I have to take Maddie and Drew to Children’s Hospital lab to have an anemia test done so they will still have an ouchie. Dr. Dickson said there is nothing that would make him think either of them would be anemic this is just a test they do at 9 months.

After we get the results back Dr. Dickson said we can start to switch them over to whole milk and take them off the formula. YEA! That will eliminate my job at night mixing enough formula for the next day. It takes 32 scoops of formula to make enough for one day so one large container from Sam’s last about 3 days. While we try to switch them over to milk we are also going to try to get them off the bottle and start sippy cups. If we can get them on sippy cups that will eliminate Mikes job of washing bottles every night. We use 10 bottles a day and each bottle has 6 parts (Dr. Brown’s) so washing bottles is no fun. It also takes 3 different brushes to clean them. I can’t wait to be able to just put sippy cups in the dishwasher and have both those nightly jobs gone.

The next big change comes with their meals. We are now going to start giving them table food. OMG! Does that means I have to start cooking? I hate to cook! I thought this might be coming because I remember Dr. Dickson saying he did not like stage 3 foods because they tasted so bad.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We have been trying to get Maddie and Drew to try and drink water out of a sippy cup. It has not been going very well they seem to gag every time we try. Today we tried water in a bottle and they did the same thing. I also tried to give them a piece of watermelon in one of those fresh food feeders. You can see from the pictures below that it did not go well they gagged again. I have tried to give them the little flavored puffs too and they gag on those also. I think it is the texture and taste that gets them. I guess we will just have to keep trying. We go to the doctor on Wednesday so we will see what he will do with their food the next 3 months.

From this picture it looks like Drew likes the fresh food feeder

Maddie did not like the watermelon at all

Maddie with her water and fresh food feeder

Drew pushing me away he did not want anymore one taste was enough

Maddie was sitting behind Drew and reached out and took him down

I love this pose....Maddie sits like this all the time it's a natural position for her.

Video of Maddie and Drew talking to each other. They have started this thing were Maddie yells and Drew just cracks up.

This is Maddies new little talent. Sorry I don't know how to filp the picture in the video.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our first swim

Sunday Maddie and Drew got in their swimming pool for the first time. Maddie did not like it at first so she sat with Daddy for a while. It was not until James got in the pool with them that Maddie got in and liked it. Maddie is usually the one who soaks the floor when she takes a bath so I thought she would love it. They did like it after they got use to it. They both got soaked from all the splashing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catch Up

Drew now has 4 teeth and says Ma Ma now. Maddie finally got her first tooth on May 23rd. Maddie has figured out how to Army crawl and gets up on her hands and knees and rocks but has not figured it out totally. (She gets where she wants to go) Drew now scoots across the floor on his bottom.

Last night when I kissed Drew good night he had the biggest smile on his face it was so cute. Maddie is our little cuddle bug. The other day she got us up at 3 AM and we put her in bed with us so she would not wake Drew. She rolled over right up to Mike and shared his pillow with him. I was able to get her back to sleep and then put her back in her bed thank goodness.

Anna Stickel has started helping Mom and I out during the day with the babies. She does a great job with them and they really love her especially Drew. I’m working on finding a cleaning person and going to try to get a set schedule for babysitting help this summer. It was so nice to have help last Friday I was able to get laundry done, the sweeper run, and the bathroom cleaned.

Got to go it’s breakfast time and I have two hungry babies. :)