Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Zoo Day

Today was our first zoo day and probably the last one this year. LOL Maddie and Drew were cranky pretty much all day. They fell asleep for about 15 minutes but other than that no naps today. The animals were not moving around much today so Maddie did not get too excited like I thought she would. Drew could really care less about the animals but he did like the fish that were swimming right in front of him. Maddie did get a little excited when she saw the elephant and Ape they were about the only things moving. Of course we did not make it through most of the zoo so who knows what the other animals were doing. Jamie, Chery and the kids met us there but by the time they got there Maddie and Drew were just about done. (We had been there about 1 1/2 before they got there)

Yesterday Maddie and Drew went to their first baseball game. We went to the Clippers game last night for Credit Union night. They were pretty good and we stayed until the last inning but only because Bobbi was there to help us. I'm sure if Bobbi had not been there we would not have made it that long. Thanks Bobbi! Sorry Julie about the mess! Maddie puked all over Julie last night while we were feeding them.

Well got to go have to watch the Big Brother I have recorded. Oh Maddie had a fever before we left for the zoo today but I thought it was from her teething. Well she did not eat her lunch or dinner and still has the fever so we are off to walk in office hours tomorrow with Doctor Dickson.

Friday, July 10, 2009

More Water Fun

First I have to start off by remembering baby Shafer…..June 30th was the three year mark for losing our baby boy. We will never forget our baby boy.

On a much happier note….we took the babies to Ballantrae Park in Dublin today. If you have never taken your kids there it’s worth the visit. There is a water play area with fountains and waterfalls. It was a hot day today and the place was packed.

Maddie is crawling all over the place. She is into everything and does not sit still for a minute. Her new thing now is pulling herself up and walking along the couch. She has no fear! Today I caught her standing on the first step trying to get to the second one. The baby gate goes up tomorrow.

Drew is still not crawling but is starting to try at least now. I think he see’s Maddie moving all over the place and want to go with her.

Mike with the babies at Ballantrea park

Mommy and Drew at the park today

Daddy and Maddie at the park today

More water fun...the water pressure changed and Drew got a face full of water :)

Maddie her first trip to the big pool

Drew's first trip to the big pool

4th of July ....Uncle Jamie and Maddie....Uncle Jamie likes to start Maddie spitting then complain that he is getting wet

PaPaw and Drew on the 4th

Our fist 4th

So sleepy

Maddie's new sleep position....I love it! Butt up and arms are usually tucked under her

Wild Maddie