Sunday, October 11, 2009


I’m a little behind…Maddie is walking and has been for about two weeks now. Drew is walking around holding on to furniture and today he took a few steps on his own. We are in child proof mode now. I have taken down the play yard that was on the back patio and turned it into a gate to keep them away from Mike’s TV, my picture shelf and our laptop stands. Last night we put child safety locks on all our kitchen cabinets and drawers. Now Maddie and Drew have freedom throughout the entire first floor. WOOO HOOO

Maddie and Drew are doing much better with eating real food. Drew is still pretty picky but he is getting better at eating new things. It takes several attempts before Drew likes something. As you can see from the pictures below I am having a hard time breaking them from the bottle. They love their bottle! They will drink water from a sippy but want their milk in the bottle.

The only behavior problem we are having is the hair pulling thing. Drew will turn around look at you while he is reaching for Maddie’s head to pull her hair. Oh and he laughs about it after he does it. Drew is not the only one getting in trouble for this Miss Maddie will do the same thing to Drew minus the premeditated look before.

Mom no longer has help during the day. I think the hours Anna was working were interfering with her being able to keep up with her school work. We are only going to have her on days she is on a break or a day we really need her for a special reason. They are getting a little easier to handle now. The only time they are really a hand full is when they are super tired and grouchy.

Maddie and Drew are really starting to like music. Maddie loves to dance! Drew will sway back and forth a little but Maddie really gets going. I will upload some video if it’s not too long.

Maddie loving her bottle

Drew loving his bottle

This is the child proofing of Mike's keeps the little finger prints off the big screen

Drew still in his PJ's he has been sleeping in a lot later than Maddie latley

Playing with their fridge farm

Maddie loving Moose and Zee from Nick Jr...she loves this song and I was playing the video on my laptop for her

Drew singing for us

The battle over the puppet...notice Maddie has another one in her other hand but has to have both


Anonymous said...

I love it they can just go at it now downstairs all my love Bobbi

Heidi said...

Wow, busy, busy little ones. I saw this posting last week, but didn't have time to write. They are growing so fast. I love the little arguement over the puppet...ha-ha.
Take care.