Sunday, September 13, 2009

1st Birthday Party and 1 year check up

I still can not believe my babies are 1!

Maddie and Drew had their 1 year checkup on Friday. Mike was not able to make it to the appointment so Anna went with me to help out. I’m glad I had someone with me because they were going to get 5 shots each. (MMR, Chicken pox, Flu, Hepatitis A and Pneumococcal Conjugate) I can not do shots by myself they are both too traumatized after the shots Maddie especially. One of the shots they were to receive was the MMR which is the vaccination all the Autism controversy is about. We know they need the vaccination and we are giving it to them but we wanted to split them up so there were not so many others along with the MMR. We decided to give them the MMR and chicken pox shots at a later date (15 months). I think 3 shots in one day is plenty. Maddie and Drew did get the first part of their regular flu vaccination. They will have to get a second shot about a week from now to complete the vaccination. They will not be getting the H1N1 vaccination nor will Mike and I. Mike and I both get the regular flu shot and so does Mom so hopefully we will be flu-less this winter.

Below are the measurements (note I don’t think Maddie’s height is correct Drew seem like he is a whole head taller than her when they are standing looking out the front door.


Height – 30 inches
Weight- 21.6


Height 31 ½ inches
Weight- 24.8

Saturday we had Maddie and Drew’s 1st birthday party at the Grove City Church of the Nazarene play area. We tried to keep it small just a few friends and immediate family so we would not overwhelm Maddie and Drew. I think it was still a little much for them. We had a really good time and Maddie and Drew were wore out afterward and so were Mommy and Daddy. This would be the third time they got to smash cake and the results were the same….Maddie does not like to get her hands dirty and Drew loves to make a mess. We came home got them dinner and to bed then I opened and put together all their new toys while watching the OSU game. Maddie and Drew got lots of new toys and clothes for this fall/winter.

Thank you to everyone that came to the party and thanks to all those who helped up before and after the party.

I will add some more pictures from Mom’s camera after I get them uploaded.

Mom had to get Maddie something girly because she did not think a farm was is her girly little people house and look who is playing with it Maddie playing with the Drew's little people farm
Drew was wiped out!

Maddie opening gifts with Daddy
Drew opening a gift from James with Mommy

This is as messy as Maddie got

Drew with cake all over him

Maddie a litte ok a lot cleaner than Drew

He even had cake in his hair...good one to click on to enlarge
Singing Happy Birthday to Drew

Singing Happy Birthday to Maddie

Pre cake smashing
Before Maddie and Drew made their mess

Cake Table
Maddie in the play area

Drew in the play area

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1 year pictures

I love these pictures! I want them all!!! Here is the link to view the cutest babies in the world….from my point of view anyway

Last Name- Shafer
Password- maddiedrew

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie and Drew

Happy 1st Birthday Maddie and Drew! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Thank You Jen and Shawn for this wonderful gift you have given all of us. I tried to get some pictures after we got back from our photo shoot today but they were both too tired. Here is what I did get after we undressed them and feed them. LOL

Today we took Maddie and Drew to Flash for their one year pictures. They did some cute pictures with a bench, teeter totter and bike then it was on to smash cake pictures. I made their cakes last night. Drew did not want to sit still he was crawling around the whole time until they brought the bike out. They sat him on a bike and he had a ball. Miss Maddie just sat there and smiled and smiled and smiled. I thought Maddie would be the one to not sit still but Drew out did her today. The smash cake pictures were fun! Drew tore into his cake and even started throwing it. LOL Maddie does not like to get her hands dirty and the icing was just too much for her. The photographer gave her a BIG bite of icing and she started gagging so that was pretty much it for her. I can’t wait to see the pictures I hope we got some good ones. The link to the website should be available Thursday so I should be able to post the link Thursday night but it will be late we go at 7 to view them.

We are having small party for them this Saturday. I was doing some reading up on 1st Birthday parties and all the articles said not to overwhelm them because they would not tolerate it well. The party theme is Baby Einstein which they both really like. I was going to bake their cake but am having problems with my cakes not getting done in the middle so I am getting a cake from Sam’s and putting my own caterpillar on it. I was trying to use the Wilton ball pan to make the Baby Einstein caterpillar but my cake is still liquid in the center even after 50 minutes in the oven.

Trying to think back because I have not updated the blog in a while about what’s new. Maddie and Drew have more teeth, are taking better naps and are all over the place.

I will update the blog with the link to the Flash pictures Thursday night if not then Friday some time. I will try to get some birthday pictures up on Saturday night or Sunday.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes we received today via phone, email and Facebook.